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Smart Witness takes evidence in RTCs

08 September 2009

The new Smart Witness Vehicle Journey Recorder from Y3K (Europe), captures vital evidence in collisions and monitors driver routes & behaviour with high resolution video and GPS logging.

Incorporating the latest CCTV and GPS technology, the Smart Witness Vehicle Journey Recorder is mounted onto the windscreen. Motorists can capture collisions and dangerous driving and can even contest incorrect speeding fines, thus helping to protect their licence.

Measuring just 3.19" x 1.97" the unit is extremely compact and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Two units can be used in the same vehicle for front and rear coverage with footage being recorded directly onto an SD card from the wide angle camera as well as GPS data including the vehicles' speed, location and direction of travel. The Smarty Witness also has a G-shock sensor which triggers recording in the event of a collision and provides data on acceleration force, braking force and general quality of driving.

Smart Witness say their Vehicle Journey Recorder acts like a black box for motorists allowing them to supply evidence in the event of a collision or other event on the road. The unit is easy to use and can be tailored to record continuously or when the G-shock sensor measures a pre-determined amount of G-force. To ensure that no vital evidence is lost the unit features a buffer which records 15 seconds prior to the G-Sensor being triggered and 5 seconds after.

The unit is supplied with a 2GB SD Card and will operate with compatible cards up to 32GB, allowing a continuous recording time of around 40 hours, when the memory is full the unit will overwrite or alert the user. The SD card can be easily removed and will connect to a Windows PC via USB using the USB SD Card Reader supplied. The powerful Smart Witness Analysis Software provided will playback recordings and shows the vehicle direction and location on the embedded Google Maps display. It will also allow searching of the data by time, date, speed or amount of G-force. The software is further enhanced with one touch reporting which will show report title, subject, speed, location, and map and snapshot image of the collision or other incident.The software also allows easy exporting of required video footage as an AVI file which will play in standard media players and exporting of the whole journey to Google Earth, allowing you to see the whole route quickly and easily.

Roy Woodman, Smart Witness Product Manager for Y3K (Europe) Ltd, the UK distributor of the unit said; “The range of uses for this fantastic little unit are endless, as well as being used to provide motorists with vital evidence of what really happened in an accident, it has been shown to improve driver behaviour resulting in fewer accidents and convictions, it can provide proof against incorrect speeding fines and convictions and for the commercial sector it allows Fleet Managers & Companies to monitor journeys, routes taken by employees, excessive speeding, acceleration and breaking, and in a world looking to reduce its carbon footprint and improve efficiency, the Smart Witness Vehicle Journey Recorder can provide vital data which can be analysed and then used to implement improvements.”

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