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Avaya INDeX users reap the only ray of sunshine

28 September 2009 a nightmare year as profits fall and overheads continue to rise.

If you were one of the lucky business’s who had an INDeX telephone system and held onto it through this year – WELL DONE! You should have reaped the benefit of LOW maintenance costs with very CHEAP SPARE PARTS and also had the benefit of a fantastically RELIABLE telephone system. In addition, you have been able to concentrate on YOUR business and not tie up valuable labour (and financial) resources in changing a perfectly good telephone system.

Yes - I know it doesn’t look the most modern “Kid on the block” and perhaps the curly cords are knotted and may even crackle a bit, but that’s an easy (and cheap) matter to put right. It still works as well as it always did and yes, your IT manager would LOVE a new system to play with and show what he can do to improve your communications BUT – is it necessary to invest £10 or £50 or £100,000 RIGHT NOW? Of course you can save some costs on inter branch calls using VoiP, but it will take an eternity to recoup the unnecessary capital cost that you have invested.

We spoke to David Girling at RBM Voice & Data Consultancy, who said that they were recommending to their customers to hold a “Disaster” stock of spare parts that cost very little in relation to a maintenance contract and then have a low cost “Backup” of online support with a “Call out” service available if required. This slashes the heavy cost of maintenance and yet still gives FULL support! To see if the client can go this route, he said “We just check how many “Call outs” they had last year. It will probably be NIL or only ONE call out, in which case, the solution is obvious.”

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