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Avaya INDeX 2nd User Reseller moves to larger premises

12 November 2009

RBM Voice & Data Consultancy recently moved into larger premises, allowing them to speculate amid the economic downturn and acquire even more stock.

RBM have now almost doubled their stock holding to about £60k and now hold one of the most comprehensive supplies of INDeX equipment in the country. This has enabled them to speculate with some very attractive offers on their website, resulting in an upturn which helped to almost double their turnover this year.

All of this against a background of “Fear” selling by the telecoms industry who are pushing (in many instances) over sophisticated systems to companies that do not need them, and more importantly, cannot afford them.

RBM  Voice & Data Consultancy has, for a long time, maintained that systems that have proved themselves to be ultra reliable, should not be subjected to ludicrously high maintenance charges, which is why they suggest that INDeX users stop wasting money in this fashion and unload their traditional maintenance contract. There is a simple test they can use –

How many times last year did an engineer visit you ON SITE?

The majority of users will find that it varies between 0 and 2 visits. If that is the case, follow this suggestion.

Hold a small “Disaster stock” that you can change in the event of a fault. For example, if you have 4 x DSLC32 cards – hold one.  Hold one card (including the power supply – PSU4 or 8) for each type EXCLUDING the processor car i.e. CPUV or CPU-X. Arrange with your maintainer, for example RBM Voice & Data Consultancy that they will offer online (via your system modem) support with an emergency engineer call out if required and also hold a suitable backup processor that you can purchase in the event of a fault (yOU must hold a backup of your data), and your costs will reduce significantly.

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