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RBM offer a certainty in uncertain times

05 January 2010

RBM Voice & Data Consultancy guarantees back-up for Avaya INDeX users.

Who knows what is around the corner?  The £5,000 or £100,000 that a new system will cost to get Voip or “Improve” communications is not a good prospect in the current economic climate.

RBM suggest that you give yourself some peace of mind with a new, low cost maintenance agreement to start the new-year off. Although they will gladly offer a full maintenance contract, RBM suggest that you hold a “Disaster Stock” of system cards that you can change using the INDeX “Hot Maintenance” system.

Take advantage of the low cost of replacement parts and sign up for “On-line” modem support. An engineer can always come out if required. This can dramatically reduce your annual maintenance bill. To see if this is practical for you, check back and see how many times an engineer actually visited you on site last year. If it was less than twice, a full maintenance contract is an expensive luxury.

RBM are specialists in anything to do with the Avaya INDeX system and will save you a fortune and allow YOU to decide on your communication future when it is safe for you and your company to do so.

There is no risk to your business. All you can do is save money.

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