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Witt Gas Mixers provide synthetic air for medical applications

07 January 2010

Producing synthetic air from Oxygen and Nitrogen, Witt has launched the next generation of synthetic air gas mixers.

Medical applications require high purity air as natural ambient air includes impurities such as dust, germs, viruses, oxides and at worst toxic particles that could adversely affect the care of the patient. As an alternative to the common use of compressors, WITT mixers can be used for sustained, reliable production of synthetic air. Using a mixture of pure oxygen and nitrogen with a similar composition to the atmosphere, hospitals and other medical facilities can achieve the highest air purity level for the protection of their patients.

This gas mixer features the highest integrity when it comes to supply safety, easy operation using a touch screen, low investment and maintenance costs, easy integration into existing systems and a low energy demand. It meets all the required standards regarding construction, material and manufacture and all components have inbuilt safety features to ensure full functionality, even when external factors such as barometric pressure compensation, could influence its working. Using two independent gas analysers guarantees the correct combination of Oxygen and Nitrogen.

The mixing precision of this new gas mixer is better than +/- 1 % and it can be connected via the Ethernet to a network and other systems.

Carl Long, General Manager, Witt Gas Techniques Ltd in the UK said;

“The importance of hygiene safety is paramount in medical and pharmaceutical applications. Today, synthetic air produced using modern gas mixing technology provides the highest standard of hygiene.”

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