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08 January 2010

Witt Gas Techniques will be exhibiting its latest leak detector and gas mixing /analysis products on stand 5400 at Total Processing & Packaging.

The exhibition takes place at Birminghams' NEC between 25th - 27th May and Witts' products being exhibited will include the very latest MAPY 4.0 ergonomically designed, mains operated, multifunctional, O2 and CO2 gas analyser, which is available with an integrated printer as an option.

Other products on show will include OXYBABY® 6.0 handheld gas analyser used to randomly measure either the O2 or O2/CO2 content in the smallest individual food packages, such as salami and cheese slices as well as other food packaging including poultry and salads on packaging lines, in warehouses and for laboratory food packaging analysis, a KM gas mixing systems for mixing 2 or 3 defined gases such as N2, CO2 and O2 used on flow packaging machines and other continuous packaging processes, a LEAK-MASTER® micro-leak detection system using CO2 detection technology for non destructive testing of individual flexible and rigid food and pharmaceutical products on modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) lines.

Other equipment on show will include a compact PA gas analyser with an integrated printer for fast continuous in line analysis of the O2 and CO2 contents in packages.

Details of Witts' PACK-VAC leak detection system which requires no trace gases as it uses only water and compressed air to detect leaks will be available. It is designed for use with most flexible and rigid packaging used in the food production industry as well as other industrial packaging. It is also portable and available with 6 different size chambers ranging from height 203mm x width 280mm x depth 203mm to height 508mm x  width 813mm x depth 660mm.

Information will be available for visitors on MAPMAX, a fully automatic inline micro-leak detection system for use on high productivity packaging lines, with non-destructive testing capability and available in a range of chamber sizes with the capability to test single packages, cartons and E2 boxes.

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