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Panel Indicator Lights

03 July 2024

Panel Indicator lights are crucial components in various systems, used to convey information, status, or warnings through visual signals. They are essential in providing quick and clear feedback to operators and users.

Alan Butcher Components offer an extensive choice of panel indicator lights, many held in stock at our warehouse in Blandford, Dorset. Notably, we’ve recently introduced a new range of 8mm and 22mm LED panel indicator lights.

8mm LED panel indicator lights:
This range of small, 12 volt LED indicator lights are IP67 rated. The bright LED lamp will illuminate at both 12V and 24V. The stainless steel surround supports a domed indicator which looks highly attractive when mounted within a panel. These products are fitted with 150mm leads and the panel cut out is 8mm.

Colour Options: Red, Green, Amber, Blue, Yellow or White.

22mm LED indicator lights:
These 22mm LED panel lights are stylish and durable products. Rated IP65, they are highly suitable for applications within more challenging environments. They use excellent ABS material and a quality electroplating process which ensures they are not only robust but reliable.

The button raises less than 2mm above the panel and the polycarbonate silver surround adds to the aesthetic quality of the switch. This, along with the independent, bright LED illumination makes them a standout choice for any application.

12V LED Red Indicator - AB-PB-1071Indicator Light
Code: AB-PB-1071
22mm Panel Indicator, 12V LED

12V LED Orange Indicator - AB-PB-1073Indicator Light
Code: AB-PB-1073
22mm Panel Indicator, 12V LED

24V LED Green Indicator - AB-PB-1076Indicator Light
Code: AB-PB-1076
22mm Panel Indicator, 24V LED

24V LED Blue Indicator - AB-PB-1078Indicator Light
Code: AB-PB-1078
22mm Panel Indicator, 24V LED

Key Features:
• Small contact resistance
• Strong insulation resistance
• IP65 rating
• Anti-vibration

Range Options:

Voltage – 12V LED panel indicator lights or 24V LED indicator lights
Shape – Round, Square, Rectangular
Colour – Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow and White
We stock the round version however, square and rectangular options are available on request. Please call us on 01258 456360 to find out more. Push button switches are also available as part of this range.

Advantages of LED Panel Indicator Lights:

Durability – long lifespan and more resistant to vibration and shock
Brightness – Highly visible as shine brighter in comparison to incandescent and neon lamps.
Energy efficient – Consume less power when compared to incandescent and neon lamps
Low heat generation – Safer to touch and suitable for temperature-sensitive environments
Application examples:

Machinery: Indicate operational status, errors, or maintenance needs.

Control Panels: Show system states, power status, and warnings.

Household Appliances:
Status Indicators: Power on/off, function mode, error states.

Buttons and Switches: Integrated lights to show active status.

Used in appliances like washing machines, ovens, cleaning equipment & HVAC systems.

  Power Indicators: Show if a device is powered on.

 Battery Status: Indicate charging levels or low battery.

Automotive and Transportation:
Indicate status of various systems and functions in vehicles. 12 volt led indicator lights and 24 volt led panel lights are used in this industry.

Used in dashboards and control panels of cars, trucks, and buses.

Choosing the Right Indicator Lights

1. Purpose: Determine the specific need (e.g., warning, status indication).
2. Environment: Consider exposure to elements, temperature, and humidity.
3. Colour and Brightness: Ensure visibility and appropriate colour coding
4. Compatibility: Check voltage and current requirements.
5. Durability: Choose materials and design that withstand operational conditions.
6. Type of Lamp:

Incandescent Bulbs: Traditional type, less efficient, generates heat.
LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes): Energy-efficient, long lifespan, available in various colors.
Neon Lamps: 240V panel indicator lights typically use a neon lamp. They are more cost effect than LED versions but less efficient.

 To summarise, panel indicator lights play a vital role in safety, communication, and operational efficiency. They are used across various industries and applications. With advancements in LED technology, these indicators are becoming more efficient, durable, and versatile, meeting the growing demands of modern systems. Alan Butcher Components offers a great range of LED and Neon panel indicator lights so click on our website to find out more


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