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Castle sells excess Electronic Orange stock for almost half price

04 February 2010

The Castle Group pioneered the control of amplified entertainment noise by the cut-off principle in 1972 with the invention of the Electronic Orange.

Time has proven it to be a most effective method and thousands of units are now in use throughout the world. The good news is that, for a limited period, Castle are shedding some excess stock of electronic Oranges for almost half price.

The Castle GA904 Electronic Orange is a sound level switch designed for installation into a main power supply feeding amplification equipment. If the sound level is allowed to go above a pre-set value, the warning lights of the GA904 will flash in time with the peaks to warn the operator to reduce the volume. Allowing the warning level to be exceeded by a pre-set amount will result in the trip being activated, cutting off the power to the amplification equipment. After a pre-set ‘off’ time the power will be restored automatically or manually depending on the key switch setting.

Other features include a three-colour LED bar graph display showing Sound Pressure Level (SPL) which makes calibration easy. There is a choice of ‘A’ weighting or the ‘B’ weighting characteristic, which is more effective for bass control. In addition to the standard measurement microphone input, there is a facility for an external trigger, for example, on a contact on a fire door/exit. The device is fitted with an anti-tamper circuit and the cause of cut off is clearly indicated by the ‘Level’, ‘Microphone’, and ‘External’ indicators.

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