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Environ Needling Tool is best choice for Sky TV show

22 February 2010

When the beauty director of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Newby Hands, was invited on to the Sky1 TV show, Angela & Friends to talk about the latest exciting skin gadgets, she selected the Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT to demonstrate as one of the best.

The handy at-home needling roller tool is available exclusively from beauty salons, spas and skincare therapists.

Newby showed actress and presenter Angela Griffin just how painless the micro-needling method is by lightly rolling her hand during the weekly Beauty Club slot on the programme. She explained how such treatments used only to be done by professionals such as dermatologists but could now be used by people at home to plump skin and reduce wrinkles on the face, neck or hands.

The Cosmetic Roll-CIT (CIT stands for Collagen Induction Therapy) was designed by plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes to enhance penetration of vital vitamins from Environ’s skincare creams for even better results from simple home treatments.

Research has shown that the temporary openings created by micro-needling increase the amount of large molecules that can penetrate through the skin by 10,000-fold, compared with simply applying the preparation to the surface. The process creates access for the beneficial ingredients directly into the active layers of the skin. The effect of the vitamins and peptides is to promote the natural production of collagen and healthy cell growth.

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