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De Vere all steamed up with Little Plumber

12 November 2010

Splendid Products were called in to the Milton Hill retreat following constant breakdowns within the Hotels' steamroom.

The problem was discovered to be within the steamrooms' steam generation canister, a Carel Humisteam, which was heavily scaled with limescale, resulting not only in increased energy consumption but regular periods of downtime, meaning the steamroom facility was very often unavailable to guests.

The maintenance team at the Cotswolds Milton Hill venue called in Splendid Products, who recommended installation of their Little Plumber LP3. A small electronic water descaler, the LP3 would not only prevent further limescale forming but also break down and remove existing limescale that had already built up - saving immediate investment in a replacement canister.

Resort manager, Gary Ockwell, who initially had reservations that such a small piece of kit could do so much work, was delighted with the result;

"The Little Plumber LP3 has been one of the most cost effective maintenance and preventative maintenance solutions we have ever made. Before installation, downtime in our steamroom was a monthly occurence, either for manual descaling, which was not only time consuming, but also expensive and for little reward, or for replacement of the steam generation canister when the problem was too bad. In the ten months since installation, the steam room has not broken down once, enabling continued use for our guests".

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