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A Hot “Avaya INDeX Telephone System” SUMMER for you ALL!

10 March 2010

Sorry! I know the intro title is a bit long winded and will only make sense to the lucky business’s that still have one of the fantastic INDeX telephone systems in their company, but I just can’t control myself any longer.

It’s cold, but the sun is shining and we will soon have a new administration and the days are getting longer.

At last – a light at the end of the tunnel – Hooray!

My stock levels are huge and my prices are low – what a combination if you want to keep your INDeX for another few years.  My idea for a LOW COST MAINTENANCE PACKAGE has really taken off over the past year and companies throughout the UK are adopting this method of protecting their telecommunication system and network.

Before you consider it however, you must establish how many times you saw an engineer last year.  If it was between zero and twice – NO PROBLEM!  If it was three to four times – probably a good idea but could be debateable.

That’s it!  Nothing else matters (except it MUST BE an INDeX telephone system).

It is also helpful if you have a reasonably competent SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR who can do basic alteration on the system via a laptop for example.

What happens next?  We supply you with a backup stock of parts which you purchase.  This is a relatively modest outlay – often less than half what you are paying for maintenance at the moment. We then offer you “Telephone support” on your system where we dial in to the system for you if you have a problem and you pay for this service.  In the unlikely event that you need an engineer, we will send an INDeX engineer to your site who will get you up and running, exactly the same as you have at present. This of course you will pay for on a Call out and time basis.

That’s it.  In the 1st year you make a great saving but subsequent years will show a massive saving.

HEADS you WIN   -   TAILS you cannot lose

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