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Good Weighing Practice

17 March 2010

Guaranteed Quality, Minimised Risk, Reduced Costs, Secure Audits

Good Weighing PracticeTM - the new global weighing guideline from METTLER TOLEDO - helps you improve control of your whole measuring process and achieve the best weighing results at the lowest costs.

With its risk-based approach, GWP® has 5 key steps that help you make the right decisions where it really matters, covering all important stages of the weighing process for optimum weighing results.

1. Evaluation
GWP® carries out a risk analysis to determine the degree of accuracy and minimum weight required for your weighing process.

2. Selection
Helps you choose the most suitable scale / balance for your application, which will help you minimise both risks and costs as well as ensure compliance.

3. Installation
Ensures professional, documented installation and commissioning on site and provides operator training.

4. Calibration
GWP® recommends the frequency of calibration and verification to ensure accurate weighing performance. The calibration certificate provides the corresponding measurement uncertainties for various process tolerances and safety factors.

5. Routine Operation
Recommends the most suitable package of measures for safe operation and reliable results including test weights for routine checks.

Good Weighing Practice™ puts the regulations applicable to your industry into practice and represents ‘risk-free weighing’, as it guarantees the safety and quality of your weighing system.

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