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ANP launch pregnancy pack to create Bright, healthy babies

16 April 2010

It’s always a delight to hear that a client is expecting a baby. Now salons can offer even more than congratulations with the launch of the Advanced Nutrition Programme Pregnancy Pack - a trio of products that supports fertility and the wellbeing of mothe

Each pack comprises SKIN Vitality 1, Omega 3 and Probiotics, plus an information card with healthy eating tips, in a clear, re-usable toiletry bag.  The Pregnancy Pack is ideal for women to take when planning for a baby as well as during and after pregnancy, to give the child the best possible start in life.

SKIN Vitality 1 contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy pregnancy, including 400mg of folic acid, which the government recommends for all women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.   The formulation includes zinc, which is important to reduce stretch marks, plus chromium and niacin, two key nutrients in balancing blood sugar.  Pregnant women often experience poor glucose control which results in fatigue, poor concentration and irritability.

ANP’s Omega 3 is a highly purified fish oil which is high in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an essential fat that science has shown to be crucial for foetal and child development.  Women have a higher need for DHA during pregnancy to ensure healthy brain and nervous system development.  Taking Omega 3 helps to create smarter babies, with better social and verbal abilities.

Probiotics is a powder containing three strains of friendly bacteria that aid digestion and nutrient absorption and support immune function of the gut in both mother and baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Pregnant women taking Probiotics also assist their baby’s safer arrival into our world’s less sterile environment by ‘sweetening’ the birth canal with beneficial bacteria.

The results of a new study reported in The British Journal of Nutrition recently suggest that long-term health benefits may be passed on when pregnant and breastfeeding women adopt a balanced diet and take probiotics.  The research indicates that taking probiotics during pregnancy may lead to lower risk of diabetes during pregnancy and may reduce the risk of childhood obesity and diabetes in later life.

“We put together this pack to help clients improve their quality of nutrition before, during and after pregnancy,“ says Lorraine Perretta, Advanced Nutrition Programme’s nutritional consultant.  Few people follow the perfect diet or eat oily fish every day, so supplementation pays dividends.  A good diet together with appropriate supplements has been shown to improve fertility, help maintain a healthy pregnancy and promote brainier babies.”

The Advanced Nutrition Programme, formulated by Patrick Holford, is a complete professional nutritional system of healthy eating and appropriate supplementation that is specifically designed to support anti-ageing therapies in the salon, spa and clinic environment.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme Pregnancy Pack is priced £38.95 (£22.80 wholesale) for 2 months supply.

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