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Another successful year for RBM Voice & Data Consultancy

04 May 2010

Another successful year for RBM Voice & Data Consultancy.

Since the company was formed in 2003, many changed have taken place .  In particular, the decision to specialise in Avaya INDeX and not go down the traditional “Second hand reseller route” of stocking every system under the sun.

Since this decision was taken, Avaya took the decision to withdraw support from arguably the best system they ever had (and arguably the best systems in the whole marketplace).

The original INDeX market place has now changed almost beyond recognition,

    The prices have fallen dramatically. 

The market has become  flooded with kit in varying condition and is    sold by anyone who think they know anything about it. See E-bay! Some of the prices are  ridiculously high because the sellers  have no knowledge of the kit, and as for the condition . . . . . . .

Service has been either withdrawn to force the customer to buy a VoiP system or remains at high prices (considering that the spare parts only cost a fraction of what they used to cost.)

RBM Voice & Data Consultancy’s decision to specialise has reaped benefits for both ourselves and our ever increasing number of new (and existing) customers.  Our turnover has increased by over 50% and we attracted nearly a 100 new customers last year - many of whom return time and time again.

Our customers know that they have a well stocked supplier for all of their INDeX spare parts. Our maintenance contracts have quadrupled and our special “Disaster recovery” maintenance support package has proved incredibly popular.  The guaranteed next day delivery service is of course, vital as is our “online” modem support service.  Even our handset repair service at its low price of only £10 per unit has increased dramatically.

By only dealing with one system and not even touching Avaya’s other products like IP Office, Definity etc we believe that the INDeX system will be around for many more years to come.

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