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Body Sculpturing Gel Added to Environ Range

05 October 2007

Environ has introduced a new product to the brand’s Intensive range of specialised potent skin care treatments. Body Profile toning gel has been especially formulated to smoothen, tighten and condition the whole body.

This new formula features special active ingredients, which assist in the reduction of the “orange peel effect” often found on the thighs, upper arms and stomach. It helps to remodel the skin while firming and leaving it healthier and smoother.

The formula contains Pronalen ModelingTM which has powerful antioxidant and smoothing properties. Guarana (Paullinia Cupana Seed Extract), which aids in the drainage of fatty overloads by improving circulation and Myriciline TM, which is involved in three metabolic processes, related to the storage of fat: 

Adipogenesis – decreases the development of mature fat cells Lipolysis – increases the destruction of accumulated fat
Lipogenesis – avoids the creation of new fat cells  

The ingredients help eliminate excess fluids and strengthen the moisture barrier properties of the skin boosting the skins elasticity. 

Body Profile will give effective results when used daily at home. It can be used in conjunction with Derma-Lac and either EssentiA, EssentiA Forte or Original Body Cream as a complete home treatment. 

Results will be achieved at a faster rate when used in a salon treatment in conjunction with iontophoresis and sonophoresis applied by Environ’s Ionzyme DF Machine.  

Developed by eminent South African plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes, Environ is a complete skincare range for every type, whether normal or problem skin, young or old.  The range targets common concerns from pigment blemishes and lines to scarring.  Its scientifically proven, active ingredients are fundamental to maintaining healthy, beautiful skin for a lifetime, providing invaluable defences to counteract environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution. 

To mark the launch, the gel comes with a free circulation boosting massage mitt for a limited period. 

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