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Good Looking, Long-Lasting and Pure

05 May 2010

Ice is a welcome addition to any cold drink, providing it tastes pure, looks good and lasts long enough so as not to water down the drink. Ice-O-Matic offers a selection of ice machines that produce long-lasting, crystal clear thimble-shaped ice, the perfe

Ice-O-Matic’s range include machines that use spray technology to produce long-lasting, clear, individual thimble-shaped ice cubes. Thimble-shaped ice looks great in the glass and chills drinks quickly and effectively. The cubes last longer, too, as there are no impurities in the ice, while the shape means it is less likely to clump together in the glass.   The ICEU185 (706mm (w) x 1010mm (h) x 534mm) has the largest ice production capacity of all Classeq’s thimble-ice machines, producing up to 86 kgs a day. Its integral storage bin holds up to 30 kgs at optimum serving temperature, so ice is on hand when it is needed.   The Ice-O-Matic machines are hygienic and easy to keep clean with removable key parts and AgION antibacterial compound, which reduces the growth of harmful bacteria and maintains food safety between cleaning cycles.   Ice-O-Matic ice machines are distributed in the UK by Classeq, part of the Winterhalter UK group. The Ice-O-Matic range includes the ICE Series cube ice machines, which make premium quality cube and half cube ice; flake ice machines, producing high quality flake ice suitable for medical use or for presentation and preservation of fresh meat, poultry and fish, and, pearl ice machines, producing soft, chewable ice crystals. Ice-O-Matic machines are available as modular machines with separate storage bins or as self-contained machines with inbuilt storage.  

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