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Food Analyser At-Line NI - Launched

06 May 2010

UK and US based manufacturer of process measurement systems, NDC Infrared Engineering, launch its new InfraLab e-Series Multi-component At-Line Food Analyser.

The new food analyzer uses non-contacting multi-wavelength NIR technology to measure moisture of oil/fat and protein.  Suitable for snack foods, cookies and biscuits, meat, breakfast cereals, cheese, dairy powders, wheat grain & seeds, chocolate, tea and food ingredient powders and much more.  Calibrated to the process plant’s primary reference methods, the InfraLab provides measurements right beside the production line - to laboratory accuracy.

The InfraLab e-Series helps to improve process insight to reduce variation and control the process average closer to the specification limits. With a measurement period of less than 10 seconds, minimum sample preparation and no special user skills requirement.   InfraLab’s consistent and accurate measurements are completely independent of product and ambient changes in the process area such as: temperature, relative humidity and factory lighting.
Key benefits offered by the InfraLab include reduced operator dependency, improved batch consistency and improved traceability.

Recognising that food processing companies use many different primary reference methods, either in-house or externally, the InfraLab’s linear factory calibrations are easily adjusted to provide equivalent measurements, saving on analysis costs and laboratory overhead and delivering considerable time advantages. Each measurement is pre-loaded into the InfraLab and can be selected from the drop-down menu within the intuitive touchscreen user interface.

Connectivity via Ethernet to Management Information Systems, LIMS laboratory networks or to a PC, as well as extensive integral memory capacity, enable the display or storage of vital quality data wherever it is needed – both locally and centrally.

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