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New on-line Brix, CO2 and TA sensors

06 May 2010

B+S Process Instruments, a division of Bellingham + Stanley Ltd., launch a complete new range of innovative on-line sensors for the food and beverage industry.

The in-tek IR Series of on-line infrared sensors utilising ATR technology, includes single parameter versions for the measurement of dissolved sugars (°Brix), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Alcohol (ABW) or Organic Acids (%TA) for individual location within a process line, whilst in-tek multi-parameter Systems provide total quality and yield control from a single sensor unit specifically suited to the soft drinks industry for real time end-point evaluation. Infrared technology has a number of advantages over existing systems as it is less influenced by other ingredients. For example, fruit juice Brix is reported without influence from other dissolved solids like citric acid whilst "cream-flow beers" that include nitrogen as well as carbon dioxide, only the CO2 is reported. Unlike traditional spectrometers that use transmitted light, Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) requires source penetration of just a few microns to obtain accurate absorption results, allowing consolidation of all optical components in to a single stainless steel sanitary 3-A housing for direct mounting to the product line using standard Varinline® valve body assemblies. On-line mounting eliminates the need for high maintenance mechanical pumps and difficult to clean bypass loops often associated with this type of measurement. The Sensor Control Module provides connection to plant controllers or computers using Ethernet connection, with other industrial interface types such as analogue 4-20mA, EtherNet and Profibus available as optional extras.

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