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New Temperature Test Chambers

07 May 2010

We now have available the new Binder MK 115 Temperature Test Chamber and the upgraded MK 240 & MK 720 test chambers.

The all new ii5 litre temperature Test chamber is now available from TeslaTest Systems, the Binder MK 115 has now been released for sale.

This chamber model has been designed to increase the range of chamber sizes in the Binder MK series and has an Internal Size of 600x400x480mm. The performance is upto 5C/min over the temperature range of -40C to +180C and offers exceptional value with a small economic footprint, and is fitted as standard with a window in the door, 50mm porthole and Ethernet communications port for connection to a PC.

This is complemented by the upgraded versions of the Binder MK 240 &  MK 720 chambers that also feature rates of change of up to 5C/min and the new Ethernet communications ports.

These models also feature as standard a window in the door, 50mm porthole and 1 off stainless steel shelf. Along side this there is an extensive range of optional accesories that enable the users to customise the chambers to meet their exact needs and requirements.

Please contact us for the full details and competitive quotation on these products.

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