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12 May 2010

Silverline ATX Audio fibre optic transmitters.

The Silverline ATX Miniature Fibre Optic Transmitter has been designed for use with a wide range of audio sources. It enables high quality audio distribution over fibre, without the need for equalisation, for distances up to 5km. The concept of the Silverline Audio link is purely one of a transmission medium that will be as transparent as possible. Because of this, the link will not have any form of equalisation, this function is to be performed if required by the terminal equipment that the unit is connected to. However the link is equipped with a gain control which proves invaluable for the interfacing to different equipment. This product is intended for use with multimode fibre and is available to order fitted with ST fibre optic connectors (as standard). The ATX Fibre Optic Audio Transmitter is intended for use with our range of Fibre Optic Audio Receivers. This range includes the Silverline ARX miniature receiver and the STARLINE 19 inch rack mountable unit.

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