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Fake Bake Launches Revolutionary ‘Feel Good Tan’ with Vitamin D

11 May 2010

Fake Bake, renowned for always pushing the tanning boundaries, are proud to launch a radical new concept dubbed by industry professionals as ‘The Feel Good Tan’.

'The Feel Good Tan’ has been uniquely formulated by Fake Bake using Vitamin D, also known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’, to advance the way we tan and ensure both a natural bronzed glow whilst brining the celebrated feel good factor of Vitamin D.

The scientific breakthrough is yet another tribute to Fake Bake’s mastermind R&D team who have been working on the formulation for 4 years.

Previously only available from the Sun’s harmful rays and supplements, the experts at Fake Bake have cleverly incorporated Vitamin D into their tanning range of products and treatments (genius!) mimicking the body’s natural ability to create the vitamin through the skin.

Research has shown that in our busy lifestyles and with the weather conditions in the northern hemisphere more people are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. By incorporating Vitamin D into Fake Bake’s award winning tanning formula ‘The Feel Good Tan’ is set to take the industry by storm bringing benefits such as:

• Stronger Immune System
• Stronger Bones
• Reduces the risk of developing heart diseases
• Regulates insulin levels thus reducing the risk of diabetes

Dedicated to launching innovative advanced products, Fake Bake ‘Feel Good Tan’ provides the ultimate sun-kissed glow to all skin tones, just chose your prescribed Fake Bake product
and tailor make your tan for a supreme summer glow all year round.

Fake Bake Range includes:

• Fair Self-Tan Lotion
• Original Self-Tan Lotion
• Airbrush Instant Self-Tan
• Mousse Instant Self-Tan
• Xtreme Darkest Self-Tanning Lotion
• New Platinum Face Self-Tan

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