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Resin Repairs - Floor Beam Upgrade Wimpole Street, London W1

11 May 2010

As part of the refurbishment of a 18th century terraced property in London’s famous Wimpole Street specialists from Peter Cox have upgraded floor joists using epoxy resin and steel reinforcement to stabilise the structure after a survey revealed deflection

In a repair programme devised by the consultant structural engineers, a total of 12 no joists at three different floor levels were repaired by cutting a 100 x 250mm slot down the centre of each joists into which were seated 8 no 32mm steel reinforcement bars with suitable spacers.

The positioning of these bars was complicated by the need to allow space for a total of 60 no. 50mm diameter service ducts to run across the joists.

With the bars in place epoxy resin mortar was poured into the slot down the length of each joist which when cured forms a strong mechanical and chemical bond. Curing took 24 hours with the bond reaching its peak strength after 2 to 3 days.

Particular care had to be taken on one floor level not to disturb a listed plaster ceiling in the room below, so it was especially important to seal all the service duct holes and other joints to prevent any resin from leaking out before it cured.

As always in refurbishment projects the practicalities of the repair programme present their own problems and in this case the challenge for the Peter Cox team was unloading heavy steel rebar up to 7.9 metres long and manually threading it through the front door and up the standard size staircase of a 4 storey residential property.

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