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12 May 2010

Food Processing Faraday has signed an exclusive deal with Sapcote Engineering Limited (SEL) for the manufacture of a unique hygienic, quick change depositor that could transform the way food companies operate.

SEL, a local Leicestershire based business, are partnering with the Faraday to build and develop the depositors, helping take the Faraday designed novel prototype to the next stage.

This new innovative depositor design is based on a ‘milking principle’, where only the interchangeable hopper and tube come into contact with the food product. Current depositors on the market tend to use a rotary valve and piston system to deposit a range of food products. This requires a complete strip down between production runs which makes change-overs lengthy and complex, and slowing down production time.

Food companies have a fantastic opportunity to get involved and enhance their business operations through the instalment of a hygienic depositor in their factories. The Faraday’s design allows for improved efficiency by reducing change-overs, reduced costs by minimising and simplifying the cleaning process and better hygiene.

David Walklate, Innovation Consultant at the Faraday says;

“This exciting development has been made possible by the Faraday identifying a gap in the market for a new product and designing a unique solution for a highly prevalent problem in the industry."

"SEL are very excited with the potential market opportunities offered with this new, hygienic, simple changeover, depositor. Working closely with the Food Processing Faraday and their industry contacts has enabled the unit to be developed with the end customers needs in mind,” comments Managing Director Sean Maguire.

David said;

“This is a fantastic risk free opportunity to take advantage of this new technology. The present style in use is 50 years old and doesn’t reflect the needs of the modern food production facility.”

The hygienic depositor currently comes with a performance guarantee in place, only if it deposits a certain product to an agreed tolerance, at an agreed rate, and only when proven does a food company have to part with any money.

By taking the risk out of investing in new equipment the Faraday hopes this revolutionary prototype becomes a must have for any food company wanting to advance. See it working for yourself on YouTube.

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