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One-Shot Bimetal Thermal Fuses from ATC

12 May 2010

In applications where a very reliable one-shot thermal fuse option is required, ATC Semitec now offer the PEPI H series.

PEPI H bimetal fuses do not suffer from aging like conventional thermal fuses and so can be used at temperatures much closer to their switch point. This means that should a fault condition occur, the H-type fuse will react quicker, offering greater security to the appliance and its user.

Calibrations from 130°C to 260°C are presently available in the H series with even higher values planned in the near future.

Capable of switching up to 10A/250VAC (15A/120VAC) and approved to the latest EN 60-730 standards, PEPI H series thermal fuses guarantee reliability and peace of mind in safety critical applications.

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