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Pay-back time for FMs

13 May 2010

A common problem for FMs is when they find themselves on the end of a human issue without the budget and resource to solve it.

Last summer there were serious issues of excessive heat in the workplace and the Government published their ‘Heat-Wave Plan’ explaining how people could better cope with the predicted temperature surges.

For building management heat manifests itself in two particular problems. Firstly people get uncomfortably hot and are unable to work effectively. Secondly cooling systems, and particularly air conditioning, are pushed to their limit.

These problems are more fundamental than you might think. Statistics show that staff are 40% less productive at 75°F than they are at 68°F – and less output can be costly to the organisation.

But cost does not stop there. It is approximately three times more expensive to cool a space than it is to heat it so why let the heat into the building to increase temperature, cause glare problems, make people uncomfortable and unproductive when solar control window film could simply keep it out.

Of course FMs need harder arguments for such expenditure – so here are some irrefutable stats: in the case of a 200 window building the payback for an installation was 2.9 years; in the case of a 1,000 window building in London payback was 3.6 years.

Now ask us for the savings in carbon emissions and for an energy evaluation on your building.

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