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Are you a summer carbon saint or sinner?

13 May 2010

You would think the summer is a time to relax and forget about issues of energy wastage and carbon emissions. Unfortunately not.

For instance, did you know it takes about three times more energy to cool a space down than to heat it? So the summer is absolutely a time to be concentrating on energy wastage. In two recent surveys of organisations that installed solar control window film a 200 window building had a payback of 2.9 years and a 1,000 window public sector building in London a payback of 3.6 years.

Of course you can carry on allowing the heat into the building whilst turning up the air conditioning and supplementary cooling to keep the temperature at acceptable levels. Or you could apply the more pragmatic solar control window film solution and keep the sun’s heat, and the glare, out.

Whilst on the subject of waste, remember that the excessive energy used to keep internal space cool is also adding to your carbon footprint. In the two buildings above the reductions in CO2 were 60 tons and 544 tons respectively.

Here’s another saving you might be interested in. If you have an air conditioned area subject to solar rays – ask us to provide an energy and CO2 evaluation for free.

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