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19 May 2010

The main entrance to St Thomas’ Hospital now benefits from two sets of bi-parting TORMAX™ automatic sliding doors powered by state-of-the art iMotion® technology.

As part of an ongoing commitment to improving access throughout this world-renowned teaching hospital, the main entrance to St Thomas’ now benefits from a glass lobby featuring two sets of bi-parting TORMAX™ automatic sliding doors powered by state-of-the art iMotion® technology.

Helping ensure efficient flow of foot traffic, these doors also significantly contribute to a reduction in heat lost from the hospital, whilst comfort levels within the six retail units situated in the reception area have also been improved with the addition of TORMAX™ iMotion automatic swing doors.

Developed at the TORMAX™ head offices in Switzerland, iMotion® sets the standard for 21st Century door automation delivering a low-energy, reliable solution that is also environmentally sound being almost entirely manufactured using recyclable materials. Designed without gears or brushes, the high-powered synchronous motors have no parts to wear out, providing near-indefinite life-expectancy and significantly reduced down-time due to maintenance.

In addition, dynamic door movement minimises loss of energy used to cool or heat the building. Essential for a busy entrance like St Thomas’ Hospital, the sliding doors automatically adapt opening/closing width when there is an increase in pedestrian traffic in both directions. This allows the doors to be set for ‘reduced opening’ in particularly inclement weather, cutting heat loss from the building whilst avoiding a bottle-neck at busy times.

Impressive dynamic door movement further helps maintain an ambient internal temperature. Obviously with visitors to the hospital having potential mobility issues, the safe function of the doors is of primary importance. Watts Group Ltd, specialists in architectural metalwork and glazing and main contractors on the hospital entrance refurbishment, were particularly impressed with the comprehensive functionality of the TORMAX™ safety sensors and motion detectors which automatically self-monitor for optimum performance.

Combined with a built-in preventive maintenance system to maximise safety, this makes iMotion® doors one of the safest automatic swing and sliding doors system available on the market today.

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