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18 May 2010

In 2009 Venson Automotive Solutions were awarded a 10 year contract for service, maintenance and repair (SMR) work to Hertfordshire County Council’s fleet of 2300 vehicles and the blue light and non-emergency vehicles for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Serv

In September 2009 the fleet management specialists opened a new 47,000 square feet facility in Welwyn Garden City to facilitate the smooth-running of the contract.

An integral part of the new site implementation was the supply and installation of a vehicle wash facility with wash water reclamation by FDI Ltd.

As part of the dedicated vehicle wash pad facility, which collects all wash water, cleans it and then re-uses it, the mandatory testing of fire fighting appliance pumps was also resolved. Regular testing of these pumps which ensures they can operate and spray water at full pressure for a minimum of 30 minutes continual operation, whilst sucking from a static unpressured source, was overcome. At the end of the wash pad, 2 below ground tanks were installed, connected by balance pipes.

The fire fighting appliances, when on the wash pad, would lower a hose into one tank and pump out water, whilst discharging it back to the other tank, which being conjoined, allows the water to be continually used without the pump cavitating. Whilst this is in operation, the appliance itself can, like the rest of the council fleet, be successfully washed and its wash water collected, filtered and recycled rather than being discharged via Foul sewer, or worse, allowed to flow illegally across the area to surface water drain. Both systems are automatically monitored and treated by FDI Ltd to prevent the proliferation of Legionella bacteria etc.

Information on these procedures and practises can be obtained from Nigel Ferris of  FDI Ltd (0208 644 6599 or who will willingly carry out a free of charge site survey and provide a competitive site specific quotation (including civil works if required) and various payment options.

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