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19 May 2010

A constant problem for business today, is sourcing the right equipment from the influx of mass produced goods imported from abroad. There is plenty of choice, but in most cases you will be supplied with an off-the-shelf product. What do you do if you want

Well here's the answer; Strada, a British company with a manufacturing facility in the UK and 40 years experience in textiles, engineering, design and print. They are a specialist printer and manufacturer, offering a fast turnaround for bespoke café barrier products. Built from the finest quality fabrics and structural components, their system, with its patented design, was developed to meet Local Council specifications and comply with current DDA legislation. Choose Strada and you get even more! “We have a commitment to innovation and pride ourselves on the quality of our service,” claims Strada Director, Daniel Putnins. “We go to great lengths to ensure that everything goes right for our clients and this is all included as part of our service. We provide free artwork, produced by our professional, in-house design team and if required we can even create and submit plans to planning officers, free of charge.” Daniel believes the success of Strada is the result of client retention. “Yes. We can supply bespoke styles and our printing offers unlimited scope for branding - and customers may come to us for this. But that's not why they stay. It's because we can be relied upon!” This is demonstrated perfectly by the relationship they have with Maxxium UK, the bar owner and brand management group. To them, the presentation of their brands is of paramount importance and Strada are trusted to liaise directly with the mangers of each establishment and to advise on printing solutions.   So if you're in the market for branded items and bespoke café barrier products and you can't seem to find exactly what you want, visit the Strada website. If it is not in stock Strada will make it for you and if they do, you can be sure that they will get it right!

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