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Advance Laundry Equipment introduces the intelligent G400 washing machine

19 May 2010

Weighs To Make Savings When Washing

B&Bs and hotels need to ensure they have hygienically clean laundry to maintain guest satisfaction and enhance room presentation. But washing machines are a major consumer of resources – power, water and chemicals – and hence a major factor in profit and loss calculations. Advance Laundry Equipment has introduced the intelligent Grandimpianti 400 washer, designed to offer users significant savings in running costs. The G400 features a dynamic weighing system (DWS) that weighs every wash, calculating the water, power and detergent needed for optimum washing results. The operator doesn’t need to do anything except load the washing - the machine automatically adjusts the inputs and ensures there is no wastage or over-consumption. Savings of up to £1513 per year can be made with an 18kg washer. Built to withstand the commercial environment, the G400 washers have a wipe clean stainless finish on all panels and a 5000 cycle warranty on bearings. Rugged, easy to use controls give a fully programmable, one-touch operation. The G400 is available in 8kg, 11kg, 18kg and 26kg models and Advance offers a full one year parts and labour warranty as standard.

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