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Slicing Tomatoes with Jedi Precision

20 May 2010

FEM supplies the Prince Castle Tomato Saber – quick, precise slicing every time

Preparing fresh ingredients such as tomatoes can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. The Prince Castle Tomato Saber makes slicing whole tomatoes quick, precise and easy. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) supplies the Prince Castle range to the UK catering market.   The Prince Castle Tomato Saber can help maximise profits as it reduces wastage, producing perfect slices time after time. As a consistent number of slices are produced, chefs can calculate how many tomatoes are required. Fresh whole tomatoes not only taste better than their pre-packaged, pre-sliced counterparts, but are cheaper too.   The Tomato Saber’s ergonomically-designed, contoured pusher handle holds the tomato in place and carries it directly through the nine blades, directing the force through the centre of the tomato to produce even 6.4mm thick slices. Permanently lubricated Duralon bearings assure the slicing stroke is effortless and smooth, so as well as reducing waste it saves time too.   The ‘Tomato Catcher’ snaps onto the unit to catch the sliced tomato, reducing mess, improving food safety and keeping the operator’s hands clear of the blades. Other safety features include a table-stop and non-skid feet, to keep the unit stable and in place, and a blade guard, to prevent any accidents.   Sturdy stainless steel, aluminium and plastic construction makes The Tomato Saber durable and long-lasting. The unit’s corrosion-resistant, commercial-grade aluminum cast base makes it robust and sturdy. The Saber is simple to keep clean and hygienic and is also dishwasher-safe.   The Tomato Saber is easy to maintain without the use of tools. The ‘Perma-Tight’ blade cartridge system never requires tightening or adjusting. It is pretensioned for maximum performance, leading to around a 50 percent longer blade life. Blade replacement is fast and effortless – just snap the blade cartridge into place and it’s ready to use.

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