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VEGA DP transmitter features remote housing

25 May 2010

VEGA have introduced a new differential pressure transmitter, VEGADIF 65. It comes with a metallic, piezoresistive measuring cell, has ranges from 10mBar ... 40 bar and very good accuracy < 0.075 %, to guarantee reliable measured values in flow, density an

The VEGADIF 65 has special features, like the IP 68 version with remote electronics, for deployment in very wet or humid areas,  poorly accessible locations, or simply where the display can be read more easily without having to use capillaries. Also quite unique, is the wide selection of housings in plastic, aluminium and stainless steel - in single or double chamber formats to optimise adaptation to customer requirements.   A range of process connections and chemical seals are available in a variety of materials. Isolating systems can be installed via the scaled-down process fitting assembly, along with various diaphragm materials like Monel or Tantalum. Process temperatures of -40 ... +400 °C  and static process pressures up to 420 Bar do not present any problem.   With its 4 … 20 mA/HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus signal outputs, VEGADIF 65 can be integrated into standard control systems. Simple setup and commissioning is carried out via the removable,  back-lit indicating and adjustment module PLICSCOM, or with a PC using the adjustment software PACTware and other commercially available tools like PDM, AMS or Field Communicators. As VEGADIF 65 is a member of the plics® instrument family, with its functions and flexibility it extends the field of application considerably. Now, in differential pressure measurement technology, the user can profit from the proven advantages of the plics system, competitive pricing and a 5 year UK product warranty  

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