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The Better Way To Cook Fried Foods In Schools

25 May 2010

Children love chips. It's a shame they're not healthier! For schools that offer fried foods, the combi steamer boffins at Rational have developed CombiFry, a new, healthier way to cook – so that chips, for example, contain 80% less fat and 36% fewer calori

Rational SelfCooking Centers are available to public sector buyers with preferential discount from Buying Solutions under framework number A1626669A.   The new CombiFry is a specially designed gastronorm container that allows chefs to prepare 'fried' foods in the Rational SelfCooking Center – without the need for oil. CombiFry is fast, too: it means schools can cook 200 portions of chips in just 15 minutes.   As well as being fast and producing healthier food, CombiFry is safer, since there is no oil to handle.   The special CombiFry basket works with all sorts of pre-fried products including chips, onion rings and spring rolls. Chefs simply load the product into the wire mesh basket, push the control on the SelfCooking Center and that's it. Perfectly crispy, crunchy food in minutes.   The clever part is that the new CombiFry container features a shaped base with a wave pattern that ensures product lies randomly and thus prevents sticking. It has a depth of 40mm to prevent overloading and spillage. The 1/1 gastronorm CombiFry holds up to 1kg of chips.   "Along with crisper food, healthier meals, faster cooking and enhanced staff safety, the CombiFry delivers significant costs savings, since there's no need to buy, store and handle oil," says Vic Brown of Rational UK. "It's a multi-win situation!"  

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