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Unitemp introduce Environmental Test Chambers for battery testing

26 May 2010

The environmental test chamber specialists have introduced the new range of cost effective temperature and humidity chambers ideal for testing the reliability and performance of batteries.

They are used primarily for two types of batteries. These consist of a physical cell, which encompasses a solar cell and thermal cell. Also chemical batteries which comprise of a fuel cell. primary cell and rechargeable secondary cell.

There are three standard test procedures which can be attained. These consist of checking the performance of the battery when charged and discharged repeatedly in a specific environment. The temperature characteristic test which checks the characteristics when the secondary battery is charged and discharged at various temperatures from -30°c to 30°c. Lastly the storage test which checks the stability and any gas leakage when storing the batteries between a temperature range of -10°c to 70°c.

The models are the enhanced Platinous range manufactured by ESPEC, which basically consists of 4 models with a temperature range of -40°c to 150°c, whilst 2 of the models have a humidity range of 20% to 98%.

Because the testing of batteries can be unpredictable safety features are included to help protect the operator. These include gas detection system with wide temperature range, rapid air exchange function, pressure relief vent, reinforced chamber door, safety door lock, control signal for external systems, fire extinguisher system and an additional overheat protector.

These quality products are constructed inside and out with top quality stainless steel and have inside measurements of between 500mm x 600mm x 750mm to 1000mm x 900mm x 1000mm.

Also available is an optional viewing window that has full pane heaters to help keep condensation and frost clear, with a chamber light built into the window for viewing.  The easy to use control panel is situated at the top right hand corner. Other salient features include hinged service panels for easy access and castors for movement.

These products complement Unitemps' extensive range of test and monitoring chambers / ovens and they have the expertise to provide 'specials' to customer requirements.

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