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A new range of high speed centrifuges from Froilabo

27 May 2010

The new SW14 centrifuge allows you to spin not only microvolumes , but 10ml, 15ml and 50ml volumes as well

It has a maximum speed of 14000rpm and a range of quick change
angle heads.

Each “Quick Set” head is automatically recognised by the centrifuge
so that its maximum speed is not exceeded. The head can be changed in less than 1 minute ensuring flexibility and safety.

The SW 14 has microprocessor control with a range of 9 programmes.
These are operator set  and include variable time, acceleration and deceleration gradients.

Capacities include 48 X 0.2ml., 24 X 2.0ml., and 6 X 50ml., and the refrigerated version has a temperature range of -20C to + 40C

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