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Brain wave prevents brain damage

27 May 2010

It takes a bit of lateral thinking to work out that a canopy, generally used to provide protection from the weather, would also be useful for making sure people don't get smacked on the head by falling masonry.

When the Odiham Castle renovating team came to us the first challenge was to design a canopy that was up to catching bits of crumbling building, the second was the logistical issue of getting the materials to the site by barge. 

Of course we were delighted to help and, by the evidence in the photo, the result is clearly doing the job it was intended to do.

Not that we can blame the castle for being a bit frayed around the edges - it was built in the early years of the 13th century on the instructions of King John and is therefore unimaginatively referred to as King John's Castle.

Actually King John had about ninety castles, which he must have needed as he wasn't a terribly popular King and apparently got attacked quite a bit.

Living up to his glamorous brother Richard the Lionheart can't have been easy. Although Odiham was clearly very nice in its day, history only relates that he stayed there once on his way to sign the Magna Carta.  We wonder what he made of our canopy...

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