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27 May 2010

My Last Song, a new website, offers subscribers their online immortality.

My Last Song has a digital Vault in which people store their memories, their obituaries, their pictures, their family information and their secrets for future generations to access.
Only the Vault owners can store and edit the information until they give permission to a close family member to open it by using a unique digital key.

My Last Song founder Paul Hensby says: “We have created sections in the Vault to help subscribers plan their funerals, write their wills, list the information needed by their executors and family when they pass on, store their Living Wills and even write a personal death plan – how they want to be treated as their life is ending.
“Why have a bad funeral when you can have a good one? After all, a good life deserves a good ending. Too many funerals are anonymous, dreary and depressing and not how most people want to be remembered.”

For a lot of people, the music that is played at their funeral is an important consideration, so My Last Song lets visitors create their funeral playlists.

Hensby hopes the Vault will be the most popular part of the website: “The Vault is the equivalent to a digital time capsule in which people store their memories so they are available to members of their family and close friends after they die.”

The Vault has a section for subscribers to write their personal death plan which allows them to state where they want to die, the level of medical intervention, how much they want to be told, who they want to visit them when they are dying, who should be there when they die, what music they want to hear, what they want to smell and how they want to be touched.
Paul Hensby believes that it is important that we are as content and calm as possible when we die. “Over 70 per cent of people die in hospital, and for many this is an impersonal, unhappy death. I believe we should plan for our death so that we have the ending we want. That is one of the reasons I started My Last Song. “We only die once, so if possible, it should be the experience we want it to be.”

The website also encourages users to have a better quality of life in their later years and contains comprehensive advice on making a will, care options, and health and fitness issues.
“My Last Song challenges the taboo that death should be denied, and only seen as something grief ridden. Death is inevitable, and old age is very likely for most of us. Rather than ignoring it, My Last Song helps people to be in control of their later years and the way they will be remembered now and in the future.”

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