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New website focuses on care and health issues for older people

27 May 2010

The need for older people, and their families, to consider care options, and an emphasis on age related illnesses are two features of new website,

The website supports and encourages older people to address the issues they will face in later life, ranging from funeral planning to organ donation.

Within the care options section are articles about nursing care delivered at home, choosing a care home, hospices and palliative care.

The health and fitness section deals with subjects including incontinence and bladder retraining, mental health, strokes, dementia, circulatory illnesses and diabetes.

It also includes detailed advice on healthy lifestyles, the importance of exercise and the relationship between a GP and the families of older people.

My Last Song founder Paul Hensby says, “When I researched the need for a website that dealt with the issues facing older people, health and concerns about care came top of the list. As a result, My Last Song now has comprehensive advice on these issues.”

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