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Diabetes UK first My Last Song ‘Charity of the month’

27 May 2010

Diabetes UK is My Last Song’s first Charity of the Month. My Last Song encourages visitors to the site ( to leave money to charity.

To help inform that decision, the website’s founder Paul Hensby has invited a number of charities to contribute ‘Charity of the Month’ articles demonstrating the importance of legacies in funding their work.

“While over 70 per cent of the UK adult population donate to charity when they are alive, only seven per cent of people aged over 40 leave gifts to charities,” says Paul Hensby.
“I hope the information given to visitors to My Last Song by charities which fund research and support sufferers and their carers, will help change that situation.”

In the article, Mike Hilder, Head of Legacy and Supporter Development at Diabetes UK, says that in 2009, 32 per cent of the charity’s income came from legacies.
“Without this support, Diabetes UK could not continue much of its vital work. It would mean less investment for our research projects; less money to provide care and information; and less funding for awareness and education initiatives.”

He is grateful to have the opportunity to publicise the importance of legacies by featuring as My Last Song’s first Charity of the Month.
“Hopefully some visitors to My Last Song will read the article and take steps to help Diabetes UK when considering their bequests.”

My Last Song encourages and assists people to address the issues they face in the latter parts of their lives in a positive way. It also provides a secure digital Vault in which subscribers can store their funeral wishes and other details required by their family when they die and information they want to be available as a permanent memory for future generations to access.

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