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Are You Providing for Pedal-power?

22 June 2010

Greenbarnes catering for the increasing demand for bicyle parking.

There can be little doubt that cycling is on the increase. We have come a long way since Sustrans first mooted the idea of a National Cycle Network in 1995 and, with their current “Bike It” campaign to get children cycling to school and the efforts of other bodies such as Cycling England to persuade us to take to two wheels, the chances are that the trend is set to continue.

This is all good news, both in terms of the environment and also for personal health, but it does bring with it one problem – where to park all the extra bikes? We are told that currently just 2% of children cycle to school. Judging by the tangled heap of bikes outside my local primary school each morning, if a significant proportion of the remainder are also persuaded, school playgrounds will rapidly begin to resemble scrap yards.

So what can you do to avoid this latest manifestation of the parking problem? Well,a good start can be made by visiting the Bicycle Parking page of our website where we have assembled range of cost-effective solutions including a bike rests and bike stands including single and double sided versions, floor and wall-mounted models, galvanised and stainless steel finishes, a bright multi-coloured one called Harlequin especially for school playgrounds and even one for hanging bicycles from the ceiling if you are really inundated.

A good second step would be to contact our sales team on 01280 701093 or email our Sales Department . We look forward to hearing from you.

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