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Arco provide protection against slips and trips

04 June 2010

Arco have launched a new handheld surface measuring device to help select appropriate footwear.

Each year over 10,000 workers suffer major injuries as a result of a slip or a trip at work¹. Effective slip prevention can halve injury rates¹. In a bid to help drive these figures down, Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, is offering an innovative surface testing service to its customers using the Health and Safety Executive’s SAT Site Assessment tool.

Arco will provide this service through the use of a new surface measuring device that works by calculating the flooring substrate and providing a profile of the floor using a small probe that takes ten readings. This information is then fed into the HSE’s SAT Site Assessment tool and a number of questions answered about the type of floor, the cleaning regime, the type of soiling and the footwear being worn. This produces a score of low, medium or high risk. By altering some of the answers to the questions, such as type of footwear, it will show a different risk factor illustrating to businesses the effectiveness of sufficient slip-resistant footwear.

A range of surfaces including tiles, steps, linoleum, marble and wood can be assessed using the device and it measures Rtm (Rz) parameters.

Andrew Yeaman, Divisional Director – Footwear, Gloves, Factory Equipment at Arco said;

“Slips and trips remain one of the most common causes of major injuries to workers. Suitable slip resistant footwear can help reduce these figures. The slip measuring device enables you to assess the level of risks of slips and trips in your businesses and, using the HSE’s SAT Slip Assessment tool, can determine the best footwear for your business.”

Arco supplies an extensive range of world-class branded and own branded non-slip footwear designed for both men and women. Arco’s own brand Safety Stop slip resistant range has achieved SRC status (tested on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution and on smooth steel with glycerol) in the EN 20344:2004 testing and has performed well in the HSE’s slip resistant footwear tests.

The device from Arco is supportive of the HSE’s Shattered Lives campaign which aims to raise awareness of slips and trips in the workplace and offer advice and guidance on how to prevent this type of accident. It is estimated slips and trips injuries cost society £800 million per year.

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