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New Video for Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream

08 June 2010

Safeguard have launched a new video outlining the applications and benefits of their Stormdry masonry protection cream.

The video, which can be viewed online at , demonstrates  how Stormdry is able to protect against rain penetration without changing the appearance of masonry or preventing it from "breathing."

In addition to protecting against rain penetration, Stormdry has also been proven to reduce carbon emissions by reducing heat-loss through walls. It provides a convenient way of reducing heat loss from "hard to treat" properties with single-skin brick or stone walls which are not always easy to insulate using traditional methods. A further application for the product is to increase the flood resistance of walls as part of a flood protection system.

Stormdry is supplied in the form of a cream and is simple to apply to masonry walls (including brick, stone, or concrete) using a brush or roller. It penetrates more deeply into masonry than conventional liquid-based water seal products - extending the life expectancy of the treatment.

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