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14 June 2010

Food Processing Faradays' ChIEFS, (Championing Innovation between the Engineering and Food Sector), project has been short listed for a business impact award from PraxisUnico.

The emda funded project, carried out on collaboration with the Food and Drink Forum and Optimat, has been recognised for its part in pioneering engineering innovation within the triangle of food industry, the engineering sector and academia in the East Midlands. It focused on developing engineering innovation in the region’s food sector and has helped food and engineering companies adopt and develop technologies, with the knowledge transfer being pivotal.

A vibrant community of engineering and food companies has been established through the project, and through numerous collaborations new research and development projects will generate a platform of unique technologies for the East Midlands. These technologies are being recognised by companies nationally, stimulating demand for the novel technologies and raising the regions' profile globally for food processing engineering.

David Walklate, Innovation Consultant for the Faraday, was key to the outcome of the programme and used his engineering expertise and knowledge to drive the project to success.

Sue Wigram, Managing Director for the Faraday said;

“The ChIEFS programme has been an outstanding success for the Faraday and its partners. I am delighted that this is being recognised so publically, and that the large numbers of technical and commercial projects that it has stimulated have had such a wide reaching effect. The lengthy planning and beta testing regime that we went through to get this right has been proven worthwhile thanks to the excellence of the delivery team and enthusiasm of food and engineering companies alike.”

The awards will take place in Nottingham on Wednesday 16th June.

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