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The elections are over – what now?

16 June 2010

“Our problems are over, now we can concentrate on a good time with some decent profits!“

I overheard this comment from a senior director in a reasonably sizeable company, and it scares me if this stupidity is being widely said.  Fortunately, I do not believe that this is the case and that most business’s realise that we are going to be in for a few tough years ahead.

Although I believe that you should  plan for the future and improving your info structure and communications, I am also convinced that now is NOT the time to invest vast sums of money in such things.  I also believe in the old northern expression “If it aint broke – don’t change(fix) it!”

Of course I have a vested interest in that statement as RBM Voice & Data Consultancy is a leading supplier of the Avaya INDeX telephone platform that many companies still use and no doubt will continue to use for many years to come.  Already, many maintainers are running out of spare parts  for the INDeX range as they buy in stocks of the expensive, shiny new Voip systems that some companies will find of use in their organisation (if they have many outlets that need to be linked.)

Fortunately for the remaining INDeX users, we still offer a superb (and modestly priced) handset  repair or replacement service.  We also have huge stocks of system cards, cables, cabinets and processor cards with a large selection of licenses to either back up or replace/upgrade existing ones. In addition we offer traditional and/or economy service  support that is already saving many clients vast amounts of money on their maintenance costs. 

Surprisingly, we are even installing complete systems into clients who have used the INDeX in the past and/or do not like the equipment that has been left in premises that they have moved in to.

Whatever your requirements, have a look at our website  or call us anytime on 01189-697712 when we will endeavour to help you.  We can supply almost anything with our “overnight” couriers (APC), accept payment by credit card and offer an honest “no quibble” 90 day warranty on everything that we supply.



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