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01 July 2010

Smash Arena announce the launch of SHOPPACOM - a Revolutionary New Digital Leafleting System for High Street Retailers

London, June 30, 2010 – SHOPPACOM, a digital leafleting system designed for high street retailers who want to increase footfall and sales without increasing monthly marketing spend, is now available to the wider retail community after extensive trials with major retailers.

Smash Arena, a proximity marketing and footfall monitoring company, developed the product with the challenges of high street retailers in mind. SHOPPACOM works by constantly pushing out coupons and in-store offers to the mobile phones of high street shoppers in and around a retailer’s store, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, FREE of charge, increasing footfall and sales.

This permission-based Proximity Marketing system, utilising the latest advancements in short-range wireless technology, makes contact with compatible mobile devices within a 100 metre radius, allowing shoppers to download offers at no cost WHEN and WHERE it is relevant to them.

Julia McNally, Sales Director at Smash Arena says “SHOPPACOM is designed to increase footfall and sales by extending the retailer’s reach beyond the shop window, further in to the high street, literally putting in-store offers into the hands of people while they are in ‘shopping mode’. More importantly, it does this when shoppers are within walking distance of the store”.

Short-range wireless communication or ‘proximity marketing’ is an established way of communicating with consumers. Many government agencies and police forces are already using technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi to push out public service announcements in populated areas.

SHOPPACOM case studies with leading retailers reveal that 100’s of money-off vouchers can be distributed to shoppers in busy retail locations over a weekend driving customers in to stores.

Digital leafleting has many benefits. As well as being free to send and receive promotions, shoppers are able to forward vouchers to friends and family increasing reach for the retailer beyond the high street. Compared to handing out paper leaflets, digital leafleting is more eco-friendly. It can also be more compelling for the consumer and has more scope for interaction and collecting feedback from customers.

The SHOPPACOM suite of products come with pre-configured award-winning software, making it easy for anyone to create and upload a promotion in minutes. There is no limit to the number of leaflets or promotions that can be distributed, which can include images, video clips, calendar entries and contact cards that can be saved directly to the phone at the touch of a button.

“Running ads in the local paper or printing leaflets for door to door distribution is an ongoing expense. With SHOPPACOM it’s a one-time purchase that will gives retailers unlimited digital leaflet distribution for life. So return on investment is guaranteed!” Continues McNally.

SHOPPACOM comes in a self-contained storm case with everything a retailer needs to set up a promotion within minutes. The system includes a 12 hr lithium battery, giving complete portability and doesn’t require internet access. The simple to use programming interface comes with phone advert creator software, step by step instructions and telephone support. The simple to use reporting interface means that retailers will always know exactly how many people are seeing and receiving their promotions day in day out.

Retailers can take advantage of SHOPPACOM’S portability, using it at fates, exhibitions and shows and other densely populated areas as a way of targeting potential customers in areas away from the store.”

The first wave of products include an entry level product ideal for smaller independent retailers, as well as a networked solution for larger national retailers with many locations.

SHOPPACOM is fully standards based and compliant with the relevant Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) guidelines.

To find out more about the SHOPPACOM range of products or to arrange a demo contact Julia McNally on 0207 192 8829 or go to


With many years of experience in the Digital Marketing space, Smash Arena provides proximity marketing and footfall monitoring services to an expanding network of retailers and entertainment companies, located throughout the UK.

In addition to SHOPPACOM and its other portable products, the business supplies enterprise solutions to major chains designed to drive and measure footfall and track shopping behaviour.


Julia McNally (      landline: 0207 193 8829       mobile: 07881 512 465

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