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No more expensive mains connections

06 July 2010

Cost-effective lighting is set to take a significant step forward with the introduction of our new solar-powered light post and bollard system.

Available as 2000, 3000 or 4000mm lamp posts and 1000mm high bollards, these units offer significant cost savings on both installation (as they require no cable runs or mains connections) and running costs

Intelligent design also means that the separate solar panels which have made previous products expensive and prone to vandalism are a thing of the past.  Instead, the solar units are protected by a polycarbonate cover and are housed stylishly within the post itself.

Applications include walkways, cycle paths, car parks, schools, universities, sports grounds, retail and leisure centres.  The system generates 350 lumens whilst using only 3 watts of energy. With an inbuilt sensor ensuring that the units only light up when approached by people, cars or bikes the system needs just 1 hour of sunshine per month to generate sufficient power.

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