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Facelift Access Hire to adopt the new ZT Safety Harness

06 July 2010

This years Vertikal Days at Haydock Park, saw the official launch of the new ZT safety harness.

The ZT harness is marketed as a fall arrest and fall restraint harness, and employs a unique design that eliminates the use of groin straps and importantly the damage they cause. This is perfect for the users of cherry pickers, Facelift is placing its first order for all it's drivers and operators to be kitted out.

The fall arrest harness was met with a great deal of interest at Vertikal days, as users of existing fall harnesses saw the excellent benefits that this new type of harness would bring. Taking away the use of groin straps would make the harness more comfortable to wear in every day use, and as the harness is already 'built into' a durable pair of work wear trousers it can be worn effortlessly throughout a working day.

As well as being more comfortable to wear for workers at height, if the user were to experience a fall, the harness reduces the fall arrest forces by up to 40%, and once the user comes to a resting position they are held in a 'close to' horizontal seating position. Once in this position there is no restriction to major arteries and to blood flow, thereby reducing the risk of suspension trauma and the critical consequences.

Different 'work at height' users of fall safety harnesses saw the variety of benefits the harness would bring to their profession. For example; street lighting engineers, who are continually getting in and out of vehicles, found the short adjustable lanyard and front point attachment, (that can be velcro'd and stored in a side pocket), would prevent them from getting caught up with obstacles whilst carrying out their work, a problem they face with existing harnesses.

The ZT harness can be worn all day, even whilst driving, which would mean that time and effort would be saved in not having to constantly 'put on and take off' a harness.

It looks as if this simple and elegant solution to fall safety harnesses will make a great difference to workers at height and, this is set to be an important evolution in safety for workers at height.

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