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06 July 2010

There have not been many tales of companies expanding lately so when such a story emerges it is refreshing to hear.

The EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) market has mostly been affected by the downturn at various periods over the last year so little investment has been taking place.

Bucking this trend is one company based in the South of England, which has been consistently increasing sales over the years and now, CT Production (CTP) of Dorset has doubled its size by investing in adding an adjacent unit to its present facility, allowing them to offer in excess of 12,000 ft of manufacturing space.

It is not easy to establish a USP (Unique Selling Point) in this market, as most EMS companies offer to buy components, populate PCBs and provide final assembly and test services, so how is this success achieved? CTP’s Managing Director explains:
“There is no gimmick or magic formula in what we do, we just keep working at our quest to provide consistent good quality, service and pricing.

We moved into our present unit, doubling in size 5 years ago, which led to our being recognised by SWRDA as a Beacon Company of UK industry. Having filled that factory we are now doing the same again”

He continues, “The market has changed slightly in that we are seeing more customers requiring rack and box build as well as PCB population so the new unit will allow more space for this, as well as an opportunity to expand PCB population in the existing unit. Much of the PCB work we do is high technology, from 0201 to BGA, so our ISO approval and IPC workmanship standards need backing up with quality facilities, which is why we invest in equipment including AOI, X-ray and functional test. Of course the most important asset is our highly trained staff, hence the Investors In People approval”

Figures from eminent sources show that after a dip in 2009 the demand for EMS providers will increase through 2010. With the low pound and growing costs abroad, there is also the likelihood of higher demand for UK manufacturing, so it is vital that our manufacturers are ready to sieze the opportunity to contribute to the UK’s economic recovery. CTP’s investment in an expansion programme at this time should place them in an ideal position to play their part.

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