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CCTV Smart Car provides ClearView of traffic enforcement

07 July 2010

Parking and road traffic contraventions are being enforced by local authorities and parking enforcement agencies with the help of new CCTV Smart Cars developed by ClearView Communications.

The range of new CCTV Smart Cars are fitted with cameras and digital recorders, meeting the stringent requirements of the Vehicle Certification Agency, (VCA), for approved devices for civil traffic enforcement.

The cars are used to target known hot spots, road safety problem areas and congestion areas. They are intended to combat a wide range of road safety problems including bus lane and box junction infringement, school drop zone chaos, rat runs, as well as using mobile phones whilst driving.

Because the cars are distinctively marked, they provide a reminder to motorists not to take a chance by parking where they should not. This includes dangerous parking, particularly around schools, pedestrian crossings and at busy junctions, contraventions on yellow lines and vehicles contravening waiting and loading restrictions.

The Smart Cars improve pedestrian safety and reduce traffic accidents and congestion.  Their use results in a reduction in challenges to PCNs and provides indisputable evidence that a contravention has occurred, and proof that the enforcement operation was carried out correctly and fairly.

They also increase civil enforcement officer and parking attendant safety and make them feel safer because drivers know they could be picked up on camera if they act abusively.

Each car has a pan, tilt & zoom camera mounted to a hydraulic periscope that extends up to 3 metres above roof level. Inside the cabin are a mini joystick controller and mobile high performance digital recorder. Images can be viewed and downloaded within the vehicle or, the recorder can be removed quickly and easily for further interrogation.

To meet the VCA requirements, each recorded image contains data including time and date (as transmitted by the National Physical laboratory MSF transmitter), a unique frame identifier and the enforcement location co-ordinates. Video is recorded at D1, 25 fps full frame rate. RAID1 mirrored hard disc configuration allows simultaneous recording onto independent disks. Recordings are watermarked to protect them from unauthorised alteration or manipulation.

Ignition control power management, low power consumption and voltage monitoring ensures the CCTV system does not compromise vehicle battery life.

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