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Clearview launch CCTV image databasing software

08 July 2010

Designed to store, categorise, display and search large numbers of video and still images, the 'DigiBase' image databsing software application has been launched by ClearView Communications.

Local authorities, the Police and other organisations, often need to store thousands of video clips and stills of both known and unidentified persons. DigiBase can search thousands of image files, for example, a “female wearing pink hoodie and white joggers”, in less than a second, displaying all matching images on screen together.

Feature include;

Fast, user-friendly metadata tagging system
Videos and images can be tagged with unique identifying metadata
Videos and images can be searched for suspects meeting certain physical or descriptive criteria
Metadata of interest can be highlighted so that it’s easily spotted within a list of results
Local workstation or network deployable
Images and videos can be organised in case files linking related data together
Case file data can be read, previewed or deleted using an easy to use interface
Encrypted user accounts and profiles
User accounts are related to a users' first and last name, preventing anonymous audit trail entries and logons

DigiBase is available as a stand-alone application or can be provided with ClearViews' DigiSoft universal digital CCTV decoding software.

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